They ripped you off…

How to get all the marketing success what the “Big Algorithms” owe you

You see, you’ve been making wonderful Facebook posts since 2011
– and what did you get for a reach? 1%? Even less?
Many people in the industry say. “It’s a pay-to-play game now”

“It’s bullshit”, that’s what I say.

YOU have built up

  • YOUR audience
  • with YOUR content
  • made with YOUR blood, sweat, and tears.

These folks want to hear from you. But they can’t.

Every time you have something to say, sell, or do … now, you must pay “taxes” to Big Algorithm to reach these people.

What a terrible deal. What a wasteland of broken promises social media has turned into.

And the worst part:
“they took control from you...”

Business building and marketing was always about controlling your own destiny. You were 100% sure that any success or any failure was your responsibility – you could quite literally make a fortune.


Now some developer in California changes the Algorithm …, and *OOPSIE* your business model is now broken.

  • Now the cost per click is too high for you to afford
  • Oh, the reach declined by 80%
  • Wow, they’ve just banned your account by mistake.

Any of this can happen to you and your business tomorrow morning. This is infuriating. So you and I will fight back – together !!!

You’re reading This because
I believe in you

Okay, we don’t know each other yet, but in my opinion, small business owners are one of the most wonderful, brave, and innovative creatures we have on Earth. Your day-to-day work makes the world a richer and better place.

That’s why you should be able to:

  • conistently reach your audience
  • market your ideas and products
  • have full control over your marketing and data
And the best part is: You ALMOST don’t even have to lift your finger. You’ll just continue being awesome and making epic products … and I’ll do the “heavy lifting” of marketing. All you have to do now is say


Now imagine being my client. This is what we’ll probably do together:


Building up your own client database (think of an e-mail list, a phone list, a contact list for Messenger, and so on)


Thinking up wonderful offers, upsells, guarantees, and any sales magic we could think of.


Writing and designing e-mails, landing pages, and supporting content (eg. blog posts)


Automating many parts of your marketing (eg.: when a customer buys from you, we automatically send her X e-mail, Y offer, Z upsell)


Freeing you up time so you can build your business, strategize, think up more offers, and be more productive

Right now, my main focus is on e-mail-marketing, chatbots, and automation

– while I’ll tweak your automation (to make you more money, of course), our team will fancy up your website (looking sharp, my friend!), write “oh-so-good” copy to pump up your sales and digging deep into your analytics (to understand your market even better).

You can’t be my client right away because I have to earn your trust first

My mom used to say that I should underpromise and overdeliver. I took this message to heart. So we’ll work like this:
  1. find a day that’s good for you
  2. book a 15-minute call with me OR write me an e-mail (whichever is more comfortable for you)
  3. and I personally make you an irresistible offer (about a small, easy-to-measure, easy-to-understand project)

Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

( We have only 3 client slots right now! )